The history
of Apparthotel

A house steeped in history, full of warm hospitality and the joy of welcoming visitors from all over the world. „Villa Eder“ welcomed its very first guests back in 1903 or 1950. Back then the rooms were simple, with shared bathrooms and catered almost exclusively for summer guests. An awful lot has happened since then and the house has benefitted from extensive renovations.


Tourism really got on track in Mayrhofen with the construction of the new Zillertalbahn Railway in 1903. One house after another jumped on the bandwagon and offered rooms to visitors who found delight and respite in our natural landscapes, returning refreshed from the summer holidays they spent here.

Around 1910, Gottfried Eder and his wife also decided to offer guest accommodation at "Villa Eder", thereby laying the foundation stone for the long-lasting and ever-evolving history of our family business.

e in-house bakery, which had always been the mainstay business of the family, perfectly complemented the accommodation trade and provided guests with the tasty treats they desired on holiday. After the First World War, new trends emerged with the economic boom of the day, sparking yet another business idea in Gottfried Eder – a fizzy drink factory – which went into operation in 1920.


Son Johann Eder and his wife, Juliane, took over Villa Eder with all its associated businesses in around 1926 and continued to run the house with great love and dedication.

Over time, it unfortunately became necessary to close the bakery, which was no longer as lucrative as it once was. The former shop was turned into a grocery store and the bakery in the basement gave way to the booming fizzy drink production, where the now highly popular Eder Lemonades were created.

Tourism was also developing in leaps and bounds at that time. The Penkenbahn cable car officially opened in 1954, making an easy ascent possible for visitors to the mountains and allowing less sporty people to enjoy impressive views of the Zillertal Alps. The quiet winter months soon grew in popularity and, thanks to the Penkenbahn cable car, the era of ski tourism began in Mayrhofen.


In 1962, it was time to hand the business down to the next generation. Hans Eder and his wife, Trude, took on the hard-won business of their parents.

A second cable car opened in 1969 in Mayrhofen – the Ahornbahn. Tourism grew and with it the demands of its guests. In 1971, it was time again to renovate and expand the guesthouse for its visitors.

The demand for fizzy drinks grew with the increasing numbers of guests to the town. The production facility was moved to the outskirts of town and expanded in 1980. At the same time, the grocery store was extended to cater for all wishes of the discerning guest.


After many years of looking after their guests, Hans and Trude passed the business down to its current owners, Michael and Roswitha Eder, who took over Gästehaus Eder in 1992. In order to keep pace with the times, the rooms were renovated in 1993, shared bathroom facilities became a thing of the past and rooms were given their very own shower and WC.

The current generation of owners have also been blessed with the hard-working ethos and a shared passion for their business. Michael and Roswitha have always strived to offer their guests the very best guesthouse accommodation and services.


With this in mind, it was decided in 2003 that the bed and breakfast business must give way for an entirely new concept and house. After major refurbishments, today’s Apparthotel Ederfeld came into being. The old guest rooms were transformed into 10 spacious apartments. Fabulous spa facilities, a gym and extensive garden round off the 4-star services offered.

Michael and Roswitha Eder take great pride and care in ensuring the guests of the house are well looked after and that holidays spent here are memorable for all the right reasons. As the family history suggests, the 5th generation is already working within the family enterprise and face the future with both joy and confidence.